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Create a better New Zealand

October 3, 2015

3 ways to be inspired by watching Derek Handley

Derek Handley sees entrepreneurship as the key to social change and driver to solve the worlds problems. Watch Derek Handley's video, it will: Inspire you to be an entrepreneur Inspire you to be a better person (create social change) Teach you to detect patterns that c...
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Should we question the 'cloud'?

The cloud provides anytime, anywhere real-time access to our prize business systems. Some businesses now saving us 100's of hours each month. Cloud technology is great. But when deciding on cloud software we should ask.. what if something goes wrong? (e.g. like the cloud so...
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Taking a tech holiday

September 20, 2015

What's a tech holiday?

Tech holidays are times when I completely disconnect. I take a full day off (usually weekly, most Sundays). I have learnt to take tech holidays. A few years ago I did 'no tech day Sundays' every week. Friends, family and people I didn't even know (trying to contact ...
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In 2015 a good CRM should infiltrate every aspect of your organisation, and connect with other systems to give good incites on every customer you serve.

Rather than starting the search for systems by looking at products and 'killer' features. Start by documenting the current pain points: Write up a mind map or brainstorm all the current pain points in the organisation (these could exist in either electronic, spreadsheet...
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