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Help me, which CRM do I implement?

In 2015 a good CRM should infiltrate every aspect of your organisation, and connect with other systems to give good incites on every customer you serve.

Rather than starting the search for systems by looking at products and 'killer' features.

Start by documenting the current pain points:
  • Write up a mind map or brainstorm all the current pain points in the organisation (these could exist in either electronic, spreadsheet or pen and paper systems)
  • Circle and write the top three affecting breakdown in sales processes
  • Circle and write two ways to improve customer interactions
Ok, now ready to look at solutions. There are 1000s of choices for CRMs.
Start by limiting the search on:
- Need for a strong sales pipeline
- Need for project management
- Need for specific integrations. e.g. Office 365, Google, Xero, Evernote, Dropbox

Here are two examples of great CRMs:

Capsule CRM
  • Free for 2 users and 250 contacts
  • Simple and easy to implement, and would suits businesses with a sales and customer service of team of 1-10 people
  • Lots of good integrations, including Xero integration (to view invoice history and overdues against customer interaction details).
For more info see capsule's website.

  • Free for 2 users and up to 2500 records
  • Also simple and easy to implement. Suits businesses with a sales and customer service of team of 1-25.
  • Flawless interaction with gmail and recently released Xero integration (create draft invoices, view invoice history and see overdues).
For more info see Insightly's website.

But, what if i'm a charity?

Charities don't want to implement a sales pipeline, they want to build support for their cause.

Their are specifically built Not-for-Profit CRMs (like Infoodle) to cater to brilliant organisations making the world a better place, by helping:
  • Communicate to all volunteers and donors quickly.
  • Track donations and memberships against individuals and organisations

In closing

Also read: Biggest myth about CRM (on the Xero blog).

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Written by Rory Birkbeck, Techtivity Ltd.
Techtivity is based out of sunny Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.


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