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Taking a tech holiday

What's a tech holiday?

Tech holidays are times when I completely disconnect.
I take a full day off (usually weekly, most Sundays).

I have learnt to take tech holidays.

A few years ago I did 'no tech day Sundays' every week.
Friends, family and people I didn't even know (trying to contact me) starting praising me for what a great idea it was.

The need for digital detox

The technology we have access to in 2015 is brilliant and practically runs our businesses and 'lives'.

Let's face it, it's only going to get better and better!

Google claim all of history up to 1975 can be stored in 50 petabytes, and Google alone now processes 20 petabytes a day, even World of Warcraft is now storing 1.3 petabytes.

As a business owner and tech guy I live and breathe technology and like many, I have done since I was youngster.

It's awesome, I 'love' technology but now a bit older and wiser I also recognise the need for balance. This balance for some people could be difference between a happy life and burnout.

Here's how simple it is

  1. Choose a regular interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly) that is comfortable.
  2. During that time period switch off mobile devices
  3. Spend quality with family or friends without disruption of technology.
Enjoy and completely switch off from the world.

I have tried a variety of approaches, but the complete 'switch-off' is the only proven way not to look at my phone every 5 minutes.

Despite what you might think, the world will not collapse in a day. That sales or business opportunity, big new idea, facebook post or tweet from someone you've never met can want.

Undivided quality time is a love language that is desperately needed by your family… right now.

Go on, give it try, it might just give you another breathe of fresh air.


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