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Create a better New Zealand

3 ways to be inspired by watching Derek Handley

Derek Handley sees entrepreneurship as the key to social change and driver to solve the worlds problems.

Watch Derek Handley's video, it will:

  1. Inspire you to be an entrepreneur
  2. Inspire you to be a better person (create social change)
  3. Teach you to detect patterns that could create a better New Zealand

How can entrepreneurs create a better New Zealand

Entrepreneurs innovate, inspire, disrupt and are crazy enough to bring about change.

The same innovation and leadership that creates billion dollar businesses like Google could create a cure for cancer.

This is because entrepreneurs look for patterns.

The fast moving world we live in contains many patterns, fast moving and slow moving patterns, patterns that can create or completely disrupt industries or have a profound impact on them.

The four patterns Derek Handley saw when creating the Hyperfactory 10+ years ago were:

  • Decreasing cost of computing processing power
  • Increasing mobility of society
  • Decreasing cost of mobile devices
  • Marketing world movement from a history of broadcasting to engagement
Detecting the disruption these patterns would (and are still) causing on society helped Derek sell the Hyperfactory.

But even more than that, what if we take what he's learnt and apply it to a macro level to create a better New Zealand.


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