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4 questions to ask cloud providers

Should we question the 'cloud'?

The cloud provides anytime, anywhere real-time access to our prize business systems. Some businesses now saving us 100's of hours each month.

Cloud technology is great. But when deciding on cloud software we should ask.. what if something goes wrong? (e.g. like the cloud software company goes bust).

Not to place unnecessary fear, chances are very rare, though always safe to be buyer beware.

Most websites don't exactly provide the 'real' face behind the company. So it's hard to tell anything about their ethics and morales or how many customers they have.

4 questions to ask cloud providers

Here's some advice, in advance of signing-up to 'risky' cloud software:

1. Who are the directors and shareholders (CEO and executives)? Find out and google search them each by name.

2. Employee review websites like glassdoor expose the culture within bad companies because the employees are unhappy. So find and read reviews from current and previous employees.

2. Ask how many customers they have and ring at least two customers listed as a testimonials on their website.

3. Check they don't plan on using your data for anything other than helping your business.

4. Make sure you can export all your data out, test the data export before signing up, and find out their competition. That will be the software you use if they go belly up.
Any software co. that's worth it's salt will built a proper export feature.

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